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10 things I wish clients knew

Updated: Feb 12, 2019


You are beautiful!

You are not too fat to be photographed! It breaks my heart a little each time I hear people say that they are too fat or unkept to be in their own family pictures! You are beautiful! You will look back at your pictures and be so grateful to have memories with your family, and you will think why was I so hard on myself back then!


I heart photoshop!

Photoshop is my friend! I use it to brighten images, whiten teeth, and retouch little blemishes. In other words, I use it to make you look your best... but never to make you look like someone else.


I want you to look your best

I love my job and want the best for you! Truly I do! When clients show up with nose hairs trimmed, unchipped nail polish, and roots touched up that is a game changer. Those are the kinds of things that help us all out. I can then spend time enhancing your pictures instead of correcting or hiding things.


Word of mouth is everything!

If you love your pictures, spread the word! Like, share and tag your heart out on social media, and know that I appreciate every double-tap and thumbs-up. Referrals are the best compliment.


Dads can be grumpy and kids play

That happens more times than not. And patience is the name of the game! I take it on as a challenge to help make things peaceful, fun and memorable! Do your best to come happy and if that fails just let it go, relax and it will all work out.


I remember all my session

I remember you all! Not only do we have fun sessions but I then I get to go back and look at your sweet faces for hours as I edit. I have spent many hours on my computer tearing up over you! I truly see Gods work as I work! I see your kindnesses, your laughter, your inner beauty I see you as a child of GOD! You are a part of my memories!


It’s not about the gear

I am much more creative than techy. When asked what I shoot with or which lenses I have. My first thought is “a camera”. My camera is the best but it is still my job to master the camera skills, lighting, location, poses and the experience.


Be yourself

Be you. If you want to wink or look in another direction when you’re having your picture taken do it! I will help you get into position and then if you want to laugh or look at each other do it! A natural warm moment is better than a stiff model.


I still get nervous before every single photo session

I really do. But it’s a kind of good nervousness, like excitement, that tells me that I’m about to do something important.


I may not be the tog for you

There are lots and LOTS (and lots) of photographers, and we all have our own specialties and styles (and prices!). If I'm not the photographer for you, it's okay! I promise I won't be hurt or offended if you want to branch out and try a new tog once in a while.

I am so grateful to be able to capture great moments in others lives! I just love it!

Now it is your turn what do you wish photographers knew about you??


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